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Scangauge X-Gauge for Toyota Vehicles

Toyota Specific


The following are XGauge codes for Toyota vehicles.

You can determine what protocol your Toyota runs in by pressing MORE > MORE > MODE.

Some sensors may not be reported by the vehicle. If you try all available XGauges for a certain sensor and it doesn't report any data then the sensor is most likely not supported by the vehicle.


Generation I Prius (2001-2003)

State of Charge 8216F101C9 0316844105C9 2808 00C800330000 SOC XX.X %
HV Battery Voltage 8216F101D1 0316044105D1 2808 000200010000 BTV HV Battery Volts
HV Battery Current 8216F101D2 0316044105D2 2810 000200010000 BTA HV Battery Amps
MG1 RPM 8216F101C4 0316044105C4 2810 000100010000 M1R RPM
MG1 Torque 8216F101C4 0316044105C4 3810 000100010000 M1T NM
MG2 RPM 8216F101C2 0316044105C2 2810 000100010000 M2R RPM
MG2 Torque 8216F101C2 0316044105C2 3810 000100010000 M2T NM
MG1 Inverter Temperature 8216F101CD 0316044105CD 2808 00090005FFC6 TI1 °F
MG2 Inverter Temperature 8216F101CD 0316044105CD 3008 00090005FFC6 TI2 °F
MG1 Temperature 8216F101CE 0316044105CE 2808 00090005FFC6 TM1 °F
MG2 Temperature 8216F101CE 0316044105CE 3008 00090005FFC6 TM2 °F
Battery Cell Temperature Max 8216F101D6 0316044105D6 2808 000900050020 Thi °F
Battery Cell Temperature Min 8216F101D6 0316044105D6 3008 000900050020 Tlo °F
Battery Inhaling Air Temperature 82D5F101B2 03D5044105B2 2808 00090005FFD8 BIT °F
Battery Temperature Sensor 1 82D5F101D0 03D5044105D0 2808 00090005FFD8 TS1 °F
Battery Temperature Sensor 2 82D5F101D0 03D5044105D0 3008 00090005FFD8 TS2 °F
Battery Temperature Sensor 3 82D5F101D0 03D5044105D0 3808 00090005FFD8 TS3 °F
Battery Temperature Sensor 4 82D5F101D1 03D5044105D1 2808 00090005FFD8 TS4 °F

Note: XGauges with the same TXD values will not be able to be displayed together with ScanGauge's with version 3.17 or older.


Generation II Prius (2004-2009)

State of Charge 07E321CE 056186CE0000 3008 000A00020000 SOC %
Battery Voltage 0033 0100023B0000 2010 000100010000 BTV HV Battery Volts
Battery Current 07E321CE 056186CE0000 3810 0001000AF333 BTA HV Battery Amps
Engine Temp 0031 010002390000 1008 005A00050140 etf °F temp of engine
EV Button Status 0521 010522290000 3101 000100010000 evb EV button ON or OFF
Cell SOC Delta 03C3 010382CB0000 2008 000A00020000 csd % difference in SOC
Gas Gauge 05AC 010582A40000 1808 006400040000 gas xx.x % full
Injector Time 07E021F3 0306846105F3 3808 000A00080001 Inj x.x

A full list including experimental XGauges for the Gen II Prius can be downloaded here: Gen II Prius XGauge's (80)

These XGauge codes were developed in part by the forum members at CleanMPG (Specifically this Thread)


Generation III Prius (2010-Present)

State of Charge 07E2015B 0441855B0000 2808 03E800FF0000 SOC %
MG1 RPM 07E22161 046105610000 4010 000100018000 M1R xxxx RPM
MG1 Temp 07E22161 046105610000 3808 00090005FFD8 BTA x F
MG1 Torque 07E22167 046185670000 2810 000100018000 M1T xx.x ft-lbs (read high by 8%)
MG2 RPM 07E22162 046105620000 4010 000100018000 M2R xxxx RPM
MG2 Temp 07E22162 046105620000 3808 00090005FFD8 M2C x F
MG2 Torque 07E22168 046185680000 2810 000100018000 M2T xx.x ft-lbs (reads high by 8%)
MG1 Carrier Frequency 07E2217C 0461857C0000 2808 000A00140000 M1k x.x khz
MG2 Carrier Frequency 07E2217C 0461857C0000 3008 000A00140000 M2k x.x khz
Outside Temp 07E22101 056106010000 4808 00090005FFD8 ExF x F (Ambient Temp)
Inverter MG1 Temp 07E22170 046105700000 2808 00090005FFD8 I1C x F
Inverter MG2 Temp 07E22171 046105710000 2808 00090005FFD8 I2C x F
Inverter Coolant Temp 07E22175 046105750000 4008 00090005FFD8 ICF x F
DC/DC Upper Converter Temp 07E22174 056106740000 3008 00090005FFD8 DUC x F
DC/DC Lower Converter Temp 07E22174 056106740000 3808 00090005FFD8 DLC x F
Calculated Load 07E02101 056106010000 3008 006400FF0000 cLD  
Regen Cooperation 07B02158 046125580000 2808 000100010000 RGC On or Off
Regen Requested Force 07B02148 046105480000 3008 001000010000 RGR ~0-720 NM
Regen Operating Force 07B02148 046105480000 4008 001000010000 RGO ~0-720 NM
Friction Brake Sensor 07B02107 046145070000 2808 00020001FFCE FRI 0.00-4.50
Brake Pedal Force 07B02141 046145410000 3808 00090001FFA6 BFC x.xx MPA
A/C Power Usage 07E2217D 0461057D0000 3808 003200010000 ACw xxx watts
Room Temp 07C42121 046185210000 2808 005A001400CB RmF xx.x F
Fuel Level 07C02129 046185290000 2808 13880EC90000 Flv x.x Gallons, updates quickly
Battery Charge Max 07E22198 056186980000 4808 000A0002FBC7 bcw -xx.x kw
Battery Discharge Max 07E22198 056186980000 4008 000A0002FF37 bdw xx.x kw
Traction Battery Temp 07E22187 056106870000 3008 00090005FFC6 BtT x F

Note: XGauges with the same TXD values will not be able to be displayed together with ScanGauge's with version 3.17 or older.

Credit for these Gen III codes go to the members of PriusChat (specifically this Thread) You can view a compilation of the codes Here

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