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Electric Insect Trap RT-22

With Foody's Flytrap Glue 220-240V AC

Olympia Electronics
Supplier : Olympia Electronics
Part Number : RT-22
Barcode : 5205327008189
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Electric insect trap.The electric insecticides are used to exterminate various annoying insects. The built-in lamps (Black Light) produce a light that attracts insects from a distance. They can be used in every area that many insects exist.The models RT-22 and RT-24 do not use high voltage but a special glue trap to exterminate the insects. These insecticides protect us from all insects that are attracted by the special light (mosquitos, flies, gnats ) without using chemicals. The used glue trap can easily be changed via the special removal compartment found under the insecticide.


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product details

Mounting - connecting

The RT-22 has two fluorescent lamps only on one side, it is a single sided insecticide and is suitable for wall mounting.

The packaging contains all the necessary accessories for mounting the device on a wall or a ceiling.The insecticides can also be hung on the ceiling with chains. In order for the insecticide to operate simply insert the power plug into any suitable wall outlet that is readily accessible and set the switch to the ON position.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Power Consumption 48W
Operation temperature range 0 to 60 C
Humidity Up-to 95% relative humidity
Construction material ABS-PC
Dimensions 480 x 140 x 400 mm
Weight 3660 gr
Degrees of cover protection IP 20
Produced in accordance with EN 60335-1, ÅÍ 60335-2-59
Guarantee 2 years (1 year for the lamp)


  • The device is suitable for indoor use.
  • The device must be kept away from children.
  • The device must be not installed in areas with combustible gases or explosive dust.
  • When the mains cable is damaged, this must be replaced by our SERVICE department or by an authorized technician.


OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A. is driven by quality and has adopted production and inspection procedures that help to supply the market with products that are in accordance with the European construction prototypes (ΕΝ). During production, the company applies advanced ‘world-class manufacturing' processes, such as lean systems, TPM and 5S which offers significant competitive advantages. Its products carry certificates from various laboratories such as:

  • LPCB: LPBC Cerification is delivered by BRE Group which is an innovative group of researchers, scientists, engineers and technicians who share a common goal – to make the built environment better for all. They generate new knowledge through independent research. This is used to create the products, standards and qualifications that help to ensure buildings, homes and communities are safe, efficient, productive, sustainable and enjoyable places to be.
  • VdS: VdS is an independent institution which has been ensuring safety and trust in the fields of fire protection and security for many decades and develops advanced safety concepts for significant industrial and commercial enterprises, leading manufacturers and system businesses as well as specialist firms and independent specialists.
  • LLOYD'S REGISTER GROUP: LLOYD'S REGISTER GROUP is one of the world’s leading providers of professional services for engineering and technology – improving safety and increasing the performance of critical infrastructures for clients in over 75 countries worldwide.Their product certification services help companies prove that their products are compliant with specified regulations or that they meet LR's standards and rules.
  • H.E.E.Q.A.C: In addition to a Product Testing Laboratory, HEEQAC has been recognized also as a Product Certification Body according to EN ISO 45011. Our capabilities in providing support for product certifications are related to the extensive capabilities in product testing and to the expertise in the entire range of requirements for certifying a product. Our support for product certification may be based on European Directives (CE Mark or Wheelmark) or any requirements of the customer in accordance with global or national standards.
  • EVPU: EVPU is an independent certification body that provide cerification services.The certification involves assessment of the ability of products to meet criteria stated in technical standards for which the Certification body is accredited.
  • BSI: BSI is a business standards company that bring together the collective wisdom of over 11,000 experts to generate best practice for business. And using this knowledge and experience BSI ensures its assessors are trained to deliver leading certification services to their clients.
  • Bureau Veritas: Bureau Veritas is an international group specialized in the inspection, analysis, audit, and certification of products, infrastructure (buildings, industrial sites, equipment, ships, etc.) and management systems in relation to regulatory or voluntary standards.

The company operates a complete management system, IQMS 'oly q', which includes quality management systems, as well as environmental, hygiene and personnel safety management systems. Olympia Electronics S.A. has been certified according to ISO9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 140001 and, for the second time, has been accredited the European enterprise distinction in the scope of EFQM Levels of Excellence. Additionally, the company holds the bee bronze award of the European Business Ethics Network since 2011.

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