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Suzuki V-Strom 1000 (02-14) Tsuboss Front Right Brake Pad BS787

High quality materials. Available in SP or CK-9. TUV Certified.

Supplier : Tsuboss
Part Number : SUZ-VSTR1000-FRP
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Tsuboss Brake Racing Pad. High quality front right pad for Suzuki V-Strom 1000 available in two compounds (SP or CK-9) for you to choose depending on your riding style. All Tsuboss brake pads are made with sintered and ceramic-carbon friction materials. All materials are lead and asbestos free.

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product details

Use Only the best

The right combination of brake pads and brake discs is the key element for the best performance in braking. Tsuboss Brake pads accompany the brake discs to povide you with top performance in braking ensuring safety on your trips , race track days or some emergency situation that demands sudden braking. No matter the type of rider you are , you will find durable compounds for every need. If professional riders can trust Tsuboss pads then so can anybody.

Sintered material Superiority

All Tsuboss Racing Brake pads are made from sintered materials. Sintered pads offer no brake fade when operating at high temperatures or in wet conditions. Tsuboss Brake Racing is a pioneer in sintering with advanced and progressive powder metallurgy methods , designed for both wet and dry applications. Sintered brake pads deliver exceptional braking performance under the most demanding conditions.

Choose your type of compound

The SP Series is optimal for common street riding on scooters , cruisers and street bikes.

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It's recomended for riders that do not ride really hard , but want good stopping power if needed. The wearing rate of this compound is 20% lower than other known sintered brake pads in the same category. The SP compound provides low abrasive interaction with the brake rotor and a much quieter braking due to the composite material. Friction materials contain semit-metallic and typical iron. Finer additives are added to the base of the iron compound to achieve optimal friction properties.


The CK-9 Series is optimal for common street riding on street bikes and cruisers with rather larger engines.

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It's recomended for riders who ride harder and want great stopping power. The CK-9 compound provides low abrasive interaction with the brake rotor and a amuch quieter braking due to the ceramic composote material. It can also perform under higher temperatures than AD. Friction materials contain metal-ceramic with a bronze-graphite designed for dry and wet applications. Coarser non-metalic friction additives are spread evenly on the base fine bronze body to achieve optimal friction properties.

*The CK-9 series can be used also by ambitious first-class pro level off-raod riders who want great braking and exceptional longevity. Currently used in world championship races by motocross and enduro riders.


Who is TsuBoss Brake Racing

TsuBoss Brake Racing is a greek company , founded in 2000. They manufacture brake systems for motorcycles.

Through constant reasearch on materials and manufacturing process and technology they have managed to become one of the best known brands in the motorcycle world. Furthermore , they have managed from 2009 to become active in producing brake systems for race cars while continuing the research on their products through tecnhological innovation.

Intro Product

Why TsuBoss?

Tsuboss Brakes offer customers products that top world champions use on their motorcycles

  • Best offered technology for any use.
  • Quality guarantee for safe driving.
  • Continuous improvement of product performance.
  • Excellent quality / price ratio.
  • Excellent Customer Care
  • Great Product availability

Find at Tsuboss everything you need for your brakes.

Certified By TUVRheinland


TUV Rheinland Group is a global leader in independent testing , inspection and certification services. Many individuals and many companies trust TUV Rheinland for keeping a high standard on products and services. TsuBoss Brake Racing has been certified by the esteemed TUV Rheinland meeting all their standards for providing high quality products.

TUV KBA No: E1 90R-01324/768

Europe Manufactured

All TsuBOSS products are designed and manufactured in Europe.


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