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Suzuki Gladius 650 Series (09-14) Tsuboss Rear Brake Disc SZ41RID

Wave2Open Rear Brake Disc

Supplier : Tsuboss
Part Number : SUZ-GLAD650-RDW
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High Quality rear brake disc from Tsuboss Brake Racing. The brake disc has a Wave Open design , made from specially hardened premium quality stainless steel. Tsuboss brake discs provide excellent braking performance while exhibiting extremely little wear. For best performance use Tsuboss BrakeRacing brake pads with the matching compound that suits your type of riding. This is a perfect rear brake disc replacement for Suzuki Gladius 650.This product consists of one brake disc.

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product details


Outside diameter:240 mm

Inside diameter:120.5 mm

Thickness:5 mm

No Holes:5

Hole Diameter:10.5 mm


Wave Discs.

Wave 2 Open discs are designed so that the outer and inner diameter have a non -round edge. This to enable better radial esxpansion of the rotor under extreme heat conditions. Moreover , edges are set to grow brake pad regeneration process


Image Wave discs
  • Multiple Tuned edges : On the brake discs you will find multiple tuned edges which help with the progressive response while braking. This makes braking smoother and precise.
  • Higher Contact pressure : Tsuboss Brake Discs withstand high contact pressure and so you have a better braking grip.
  • Better heat dissipation : No matter the conditions while driving the heat dissipation remains at high levels. Heat dissipation allows the brake pad and disc temperatures to remain on controlled levels and thus never have troubles with reduced braking power.
  • Less weight : Tsuboss brake discs are lighter. Less weight on the wheel means better handling while driving your bike.

Why invest on a high quality rotor?

Brake Discs along with the Brake Pads are the core in braking systems. Rotors are just as important in braking as the brake pads. In order to have the safety and performance you deserve, you should choose the best in the field products. Made by top quality materials with sophisticated and advanced production methods , Tsuboss brake discs are the way to go. Remember to combine the best brake disc with the matching pad compound of your riding style for best results.

Who is TsuBoss Brake Racing

TsuBoss Brake Racing is a greek company , founded in 2000. They manufacture brake systems for motorcycles.

Through constant reasearch on materials and manufacturing process and technology they have managed to become one of the best known brands in the motorcycle world. Furthermore , they have managed from 2009 to become active in producing brake systems for race cars while continuing the research on their products through tecnhological innovation.

Intro Product

Why TsuBoss?

Tsuboss Brakes offer customers products that top world champions use on their motorcycles

  • Best offered technology for any use.
  • Quality guarantee for safe driving.
  • Continuous improvement of product performance.
  • Excellent quality / price ratio.
  • Excellent Customer Care
  • Great Product availability

Find at Tsuboss everything you need for your brakes.

Certified By TUVRheinland


TUV Rheinland Group is a global leader in independent testing , inspection and certification services. Many individuals and many companies trust TUV Rheinland for keeping a high standard on products and services. TsuBoss Brake Racing has been certified by the esteemed TUV Rheinland meeting all their standards for providing high quality products.

TUV KBA No: E1 90R-01324/768

Europe Manufactured

All TsuBOSS products are designed and manufactured in Europe.


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